Positive Parenting

Positive parenting means parental behaviour that considers with the interests of a child as much as possible, is caring and enhances self-confidence, free of violence, acknowledging and guiding while establishing boundaries that facilitate complete development of a child. Warm, stimulating and consistent care from a parent will result in the emergence of empathy, trust and feeling of well-being in a child while the absence of such a relationship with parents, insecure attachment, tough, inflexible or inconsistent discipline, insufficient supervision, insufficient involvement of children in various activities, unresolved conflicts in couple relationships and psychopathology in parents all considerably increase the risk for the emergence of behavioural and emotional problems in children. 

The Ministry of Social Affairs implements an evidence-based parenting programme of the European Economic Area, “Children and Youth at Risk”. An analysis was conducted by the beginning of 2014, providing an overview which evidence-based parenting programme and sub-programmes of the programme concerned would match the needs and requirements of Estonian children and parents in the best possible way and would be compatible with the opportunities that are already available. Considering the results of selective analysis and opinion of experts, it was found that Incredible Years programme is the most suitable for Estonia’s conditions. The programme focuses on individual, family and school related factors that all influence the development of children and the outcomes of the programme. The programme will allow parents to get assistance and support that is required to handle behavioural, emotional and development problems of children. As the programme materials are already available in Russian language, the plans include launching of a pilot programme for Russian-speaking parents already in 2014. Estonian language pilot programme will be launched in 2015.
Last updated: 7 August 2015